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Family Owned Restaurant & Pub that offers Carryout & Delivery

The Pepperoni Pub was established in 2011 under the Sperino's umbrella, which originated in 1967. In 2023 the Pepperoni Pub opened at its current location in Delavan after more than 55 years in Elkhorn formerly operating as Sperino's. Sperinos's was started by Sperino Mailae and then sold to Carlo and Angie Ippolito. After owning and operating for 20 years, the Ippolitio's sold to Chris and Sherry Aune in 1997. In true family business, Sperino's since 2017 was operated by Cory and Kristin Aune. In early 2022 Cory and Kristin assumed ownership, and with unique market conditions, began exploring new spaces for their vision of the future Pepperoni Pub. 

The property we settled at is 627 S 2nd St in Delavan, across the street from Delbrook Golf Course and Greenie's Restaurant. Formerly known as Postscript Pub, and more lengthy The Elks Lodge, the fit seemed ideal. After an extensive renovation process of about 9 months, Pepperoni Pub officially opened on January 16th, 2023. Cory and Kristin were able to put their touch into a space that was closely ideal to their vision. With a garage door leading to a large outdoor patio with a fireplace and a self-pour beer and wine wall. 

We are sure you will enjoy our cozy, unique atmosphere. Whether a routine weekend stop, a happy hour staple, a post-round of golf drinks, or a pizza favorite, we are excited to see and serve you. Cheers to a future of fun and lasting memories!

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We use quality Wisconsin Cheese

Check us out on UNTAPPD! 



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